Glass is a very versatile material when it comes to decorating a space, glass doors are also useful in providing privacy, style, functionality and adding light. The finest shower doors available, designed, manufactured, installed by Floor TX & Remodeling.

When considering your shower door purchase, we will provide guidance with shower glass, hardware and configuration suggestions.

Almost all glass shower doors are custom fitted for the space. The best time to measure for a shower door installation is after all the tile has been set, as custom-cut glass enclosures are tempered and cannot be cut, ground, or reshaped in any way.

The Benefits of a Frame-less Glass Shower Door

- A frame-less glass shower has no metal framing to support the glass. Instead, metal clips or low-profile U-channels 

support the glass.

- High-end Look & Sleek and modern!

When you look at a frame-less shower, you see mostly the glass, and what's behind it, like tile instead of obtrusive  metal frames. This is a beautiful, high quality construction

- Our frame-less showers use thicker glass and high quality premium hardware for support. The glass for a frame-less      shower takes a more time to fabricate, but this extra day or two is worth it.

- Frame-less glass showers are easier to clean than framed glass showers as there's more smooth surface space.

- Glass shower doors can be fabricated from several different glass types, colors and patterns.

- Glass shower doors can be mounted with many different types of hinges; available in a variety of finishes.

We design and install bathroom, shower, shower glass doors, mirrors, and windows.


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