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In small details or covering walls and floors, marble seems to be the biggest trend right now.

The beautiful stone has been used in everything from sculpture to architecture since ancient’s times. And for modern day - luxury items, it is the epitome of classic style.

Whether it’s in the form of kitchen accessories, table tops, tableware, bed linens to flooring, backsplashes and shower, marble is such a gorgeous material with a beautiful pattern, you will always feel you have a unique piece in your home.

The marble frame surrounding the bathtub and sink is slick and very chic. The marbled pattern is so pretty, we could live in this space alone!

Backsplashes are especially trendy marble accents, and really it does make sense. While it clearly looks stunning, marble is an easy surface to wipe clean, it’s beautiful and functional! There are some excellent examples of marble countertops and quartz marble look countertops.

The walls or fireplace are one of the parts of a space you can use to improve a room decoration. And these are also one of the places you can use marble. A marble wall or fireplace looks beautiful and can make any room design more elegant.

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